Recipe: Spicy Japanese Tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy Japanese Tofu


[Original] "Spicy Japanese Tofu" in the cat's private kitchen: the mushroom is mellow, spicy and palatable, slippery but not greasy, healthy and nutritious, a appetite



  1. The mushroom (or shiitake mushroom) and the black fungus are warm and blister for about 2 hours. Then the mushrooms are cut into pieces, and the black fungus is torn and drained.

  2. Carrots are peeled and sliced, green peppers are cut into the transverse cut circles, small rice peppers are cut horizontally, and chopped green onions are used.

  3. The strip of Japanese tofu is cut into a round section of about 1 finger thick, and rolled in a starch tray to prepare a powder.

  4. Roll the powdered Japanese tofu and fry until it is slightly yellow on both sides. Be careful to flip the surface after frying, and try not to break the shape.

  5. Leave a small amount of residual oil in the pot, put chopped green onion, thirteen incense, soy sauce, stir-fry the mushrooms and black fungus under the heat, then add the fried Japanese tofu, carrot slices, green peppercorns, and millet pepper.

  6. Add the starch to the pot and add the salt to the pot. Add salt, shake and evenly. Add the MSG and finish it.


1. When the mushroom is soaked, a little sugar can be added to the water, which is easy to foam and easy to smell. 2. The strip of Japanese tofu is first cut from the middle and then cut again. The texture of the tofu is tender and tender, so be careful not to break it. 3. The amount of simmering juice should be half after the boiling of the pan to the height of the dish. It should not be too thick and too thin. 4. Carrots, peppers should be placed in the pot to keep the taste crisp.

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