Recipe: Spicy incense pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy incense pot



  1. To make a spiced oil, first put the oil in the pot, put the star anise, pepper, dried pepper, grass fruit, safflower, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, meat chop, cloves, and heat it on low heat until the spices are brownish yellow. Do not remove the spices, the oil is ready for use.

  2. Wash the skin and cut into thin slices. The fungus is sprayed with water and rinsed. The pork belly is peeled and cut into thin slices. The shiitake mushrooms are washed into small pieces, and the cauliflower is washed and picked into small pieces. The squid is washed and cut into pieces. Shrimp shelled to the mud line, duck intestines washed and cut

  3. Put the other materials except pork belly into boiling water, and pay attention to the heat. The material with crisp taste is cooked slightly. Don't cook soft.

  4. Wipe the surface of the dried chili with a wet towel and cut into pieces. Don't use the pepper seeds. If you use the bell pepper, you can also cut it.

  5. Heat the wok, add the spiced oil, add the dried chili to the sauté after the heat, and slowly fry with a small fire. After the oil turns red, the fish will be fished out immediately and drained for use.

  6. Put the pork belly in the oil and slowly dry it to some delicious.

  7. Put the sautéed fragrant and hot pot seasoning in Pixian County, stir fry the red oil and scent, add ginger, garlic and saute

  8. Put the food in turn, not easy to cook first, put it well after cooking, stir fry evenly, add cooking wine and stir well

  9. Put the dried chili peppers that have been fried beforehand into the fry. Add sugar, salt, and chicken seasoning, stir well, and sprinkle with sesame and parsley in a large bowl.


Private words: 1. This dish is the amount of 800 grams of ingredients, you can choose the ingredients according to your own taste, the amount of each dish can be about 50 grams, the variety should not exceed 8, so that a pot is appropriate. 2. Most of the materials of the spicy incense pot need to be treated beforehand, cooked with water or fried, so that it can be quickly fried. The processed ingredients should be drained, otherwise the spicy pot will have water, which will affect the taste. 3. Finally, seasoning should be based on the added watercress and hot pot seasoning.

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