Recipe: Spicy fried mint

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried mint


The mint in the house is too prosperous to go to the top but worry about waste? How can I consume a lot of mint leaves? Soaking water? Embellishment? As a spice? There is another way to fry! Yes, the mint leaves can be fried, not only that, but the mint leaves after the fried will not lose the fresh aroma, but the fragrance between the teeth. Putting a chopstick, the fragrance comes out, and then put it in the mouth, the crispy crispy and the bitterness of the green leafy plant itself reverberate in the mouth, but after swallowing, there is a sweet sweet back to fill the mouth. Unexpectedly, plain mint can also give people such a luxurious sensory experience.  Before meeting An Xiansen, I had never eaten mint. This dish was also eaten at his home when he returned to his hometown in Yunnan. At that time, he was extremely amazing. He has been eager to try after he returned. Such a fried mint is simple and delicious. It can be eaten alone and can be used as a side dish to make another Yunnan cuisine-----fried pork ribs. You have a mint at home, are you tempted?



  1. Mint leaves are washed and drained.

  2. Put oil in the pot and open the medium heat. You can first put a piece of mint to test the oil temperature. When the mint becomes brittle, immediately add the remaining mint. Do not stir until the peppermint becomes brittle. Turn off the oil and drain the oil.


1. The oil temperature should not be too high. 2, the mint is crispy and fragile after frying, so try not to stir, do not crush when you fish out. 3, immediately get rid of the oil, or it will be bitter when fried.

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