Recipe: Spicy fried brine sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried brine sausage



  1. Wash the pig's large intestine first. The supermarket usually buys a simple wash and then burns the water. It is not clean. I wash the pig's large intestine and turn over the pig's intestines. I tear off all the fat and wash it with flour. 3 to 4 Once, until there is no excess fat left on the inner wall of the pig's intestines, turn over the front, wash with flour, and finally wash with water.

  2. Put the halogen in the pot, add enough water, personally think that the bag of the halogen material is easier to cook, and the saltiness is moderate. Cook for about 2 hours, this time the pig's large intestine must be very delicious!

  3. Cut the pork sausage into small pieces, cut the millet pepper, apply the amount of dried red pepper, cut the onion, pour the fried sausage, and then add all the ingredients, and it is delicious and spicy!


The fat on the inner wall of the pig's intestine must be clean, otherwise it will become a burden on the body after eating it!

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