Recipe: Spicy fried bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fried bean curd


This time passed a spicy version. The dried bean curd is a bit crispy, delicious and delicious. It is good to eat and play.



  1. The beans are dry-cleaned and cut into strips, ginger, garlic chopped, and parsley chopped.

  2. The oil in the pot is a little hotter, and the dried beans are fried in the fire to the epidermis, and the golden fragile.

  3. Bring the dried beans to the side, sauté the ginger and garlic, then stir well with the dried beans, turn off the fire, take the spatula in the left hand, and take the chopsticks in the right hand to divide the dried beans. Because the dried beans are dry, the dried beans are not allowed. Avoid the ground and stick together.

  4. Add soy sauce, salt, sugar, oil pepper, pepper powder, parsley, MSG, and mix well with the remaining oil.

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