Recipe: Spicy fresh broad beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy fresh broad beans



  1. Add a little oil to the pot and heat it to 30%. Add the peppercorns and slowly fry the incense with a small fire, then remove it. Heat the pan to 60% heat, add the broad beans and stir fry evenly.

  2. Add salt and sugar to the broad bean and mix well. Pour about 200ml of water. Cover with medium heat and simmer for 5 minutes until the shell of the broad bean ruptures.

  3. After the broad bean is opened, the remaining soup is dried with a large fire, then the chili noodles and the pepper powder are mixed.


Fresh broad beans are generally sold in shells, not the white shell, but the pods. I saw the sale of broad beans in several large supermarkets in Beijing. I was so happy, and I have already peeled off the pods. The price is slightly more expensive but acceptable. There is also a selling method that strips the white shell and leaves only The green watercress, in fact, the broad bean is fresh enough, it can be eaten in such a shell.

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