Recipe: Spicy duck neck duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy duck neck duck


If you want the duck neck spicy and delicious, the pot of spicy halogen is not enough to taste ~ since the duck neck duck wings are halogen, the duck meat is also the same, haha ​​~



  1. The duck neck and half of the light duck simmered in water, and the blood foam was boiled out and then rinsed out with cold water for use.

  2. Add two tablespoons of oil to the ginger, garlic, dried red pepper and pepper to stir fry, add the duck neck and duck, add the soup or warm water just no duck.

  3. Add aniseed, fragrant leaves, cinnamon, grass, cloves, and then add soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine and oyster sauce.

  4. Cook over low heat, and after 20 minutes, remove the duck neck and let it cool. After half an hour, remove half of the duck and let it cool. The fire continued to cook the spicy brine for half an hour and then turned off the fire.

  5. After the spicy brine is cooled, put it into the duck neck and half of the duck, soak it for more than 4 hours, remove the drained marinade, and serve as a serving.


The amount of dry red pepper can be added or reduced according to the degree of spicyness you need. If you want duck neck and duck meat to be chewy, don't cook in marinade for too long. Duck neck and duck wings can be fished out in 20 minutes; duck meat Cook for half an hour. Spicy halogens need to be cooked for about 1 hour before the spices will completely evaporate and boil the taste. Therefore, after the duck neck ducks are removed, they should continue to cook the spicy brine for a while and then turn off the heat. After marinating the marinade, you can continue to marinate eggs, lotus roots, and even chicken legs and chicken wings... and the marinade is more fragrant and fragrant~

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