Recipe: Spicy dried fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy dried fish



  1. Dry the fish clean, soak it in warm water for half an hour, remove and drain, wait until use; ginger and garlic cut into the end, dry pepper to stalk and seed, cut into silk

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, put in the pepper, and sauté the scent after the small fire. Don't take it out. Put it in the small fish. Stir it into golden crispy and put in two small tablespoons of wine. Stir well and dry the fish. Out, stand by

  3. The remaining oil in the pot, the dried chili peppers and ginger minced garlic, chopped green onion, stir-fry the scent, then into the previously fried small dried fish, stir well

  4. Pour in about 40 ml of water, turn to a large fire, turn off the heat after the soup is completely dried, and finally pour the peanuts, stir well and serve.


1. Small fish is generally salty, so there is no need to put salt again; 2. When frying small fish, be sure to use a small fire to avoid burning the small fish; 3. Peanuts must be placed at the end and when the soup is completely dry, this will ensure a crispy taste.

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