Recipe: Spicy crayfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy crayfish


Every year from May to October, it is a good time to eat crayfish. Usually there are shops selling crayfish or partners. The business is always very hot, especially in the summer, the spicy crayfish and the cool beer are cool. Ah, ah, ah~ Actually, this is very simple to do at home, and the clean treatment is more reassuring, and there You hahaha, but the crayfish are high in sputum. If you add beer or something, you should pay attention to the high uric acid.



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The taste of this dish is actually quite random. It can be played as much as possible. If the taste is heavy, you can put more spices. If you can't eat spicy food, you can change it to spice or braised. Crayfish is best bought with fresh salt water for one or two hours. It’s easy to cut the head at the beginning, just try a few more. It’s just that although the head is very tasty, but because of the relationship, everyone still eats the shrimp yellow and throws it. Drop it~

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