Recipe: Spicy crayfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy crayfish



  1. Brush the lobster body clean with a clean toothbrush, especially the gap between the legs and feet. Be careful not to be hurt by the lobster pliers when brushing.

  2. Wash the parsley, choose only the parsley, cut off, wash the garlic and cut it in half.

  3. After boiling the hot oil in the pan, stir the dried chili, pepper, onion, garlic, and ginger to stir the scent, pour the washed crayfish, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, stir fry until the lobster is no longer struggling.

  4. Add the other seasonings and continue to stir fry. Lobster shells are hard and take a long time to taste and ripen.

  5. Appropriately add water, keep the state of stir fry for about 15 minutes, the soup becomes a little thick, pour the parsley and stir fry evenly.


To select lobsters, we must choose a large mighty, bright surface, hard but flexible shells are lobsters in the prime of life, and old lobsters in the shells. Generally speaking, lobsters in the prime of life are more plump; If the crayfish's back is red and clean, the fluff on the abdomen and claws is clean and tidy, which is basically clean water; Although the cultured crayfish is relatively hygienic, it still needs to be carefully cleaned. When brushing the lobster, hold it on the back. It is best to wear rubber gloves and try to keep a distance from its pliers. Don’t play with it to avoid causing it. Unnecessary consequences; When frying, if there are more peppers, it may be quite embarrassing, and you can find a solution. The meat inside the crayfish's big pliers tastes good, don't throw it away.

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