Recipe: Spicy cold edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy cold edamame



  1. Wash the edamame, cut off both ends, boil over the boiling water until cooked

  2. Ginger, garlic, minced pork, washed pepper, dried pepper, cut out

  3. Put a proper amount of oil into the wok, add the ginger and minced musk, then add the dried pepper, pepper and simmer to the red oil, then add a spoonful of salt, the right amount of chicken, pepper, a spoonful of Pixian Douban, a A spoonful of spicy sauce, a spoonful of spicy sauce, a large spoonful of sautéed pepper sauce, a large spoonful of sesame oil, a small amount of cooked sesame seeds, two pots of vinegar, and a small fire musk

  4. Pour the water-crushed edamame into the juice and stir well. When the water is almost dry, turn off the heat and let it cool.

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