Recipe: Spicy chili salt

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy chili salt


The best way to eat the pimp shrimp / prawns in the impression is the salt and pepper. My husband learned this dish for me, and because he loves Sichuan flavor, he likes to put pepper and pepper. This dish is spicy and spicy, and the skin is crispy and tender. It is so enjoyable~~



  1. Wash and drain the Pipi shrimp and put them in a hot pot of hot oil to fry them. The oil is drained and the bottom oil is left.

  2. Under the crushed pepper and salt (better with crushed sea salt) stir fry, the lower skin shrimp and ginger continue to stir fry, stir fry a piece of green onion and chopped dried chili, then fry until the onion pepper Appetizing, Pippi shrimp cooked. You can turn off the fire plate~~


Without the salt and pepper powder, the way of crushing the sea salt of the pepper directly is quite strong.

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