Recipe: Spicy cabbage fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy cabbage fried rice


On Sunday, I was fortunate to go to Daxi Da Korean Restaurant to participate in a Korean food study. Daxida is a Korean restaurant that started early in Luoyang. The personal feeling is quite authentic. The barbecues, cold noodles, kimchi, miso soup, etc., which I have tried, are not the same as the restaurants I have eaten by Koreans. My friends and I will go there regularly. Sure enough, it’s all day running, let’s go back to this event. It was a pity that the event last week did not participate. This week is a way to learn how to cook spicy fried rice and spicy cabbage, and rushed to sign up. The most depressing thing is that I forgot to bring the camera in a hurry, just remember to bring the crisper to the spicy cabbage. . sweat. The first picture is the spicy cabbage that has been fermented after taking home. It tastes very refreshing and not very spicy, but full of flavor. Some ingredients of Korean food are rarely used in our daily life. Each ingredient is a bit less and affects the final taste. Only the right ingredients are just right to get the perfect taste. Spicy fried rice bars seem simple, but each student makes a different taste. Some are rich and some are light. It’s really a good thing, you have to study hard and practice a lot. There are more than a dozen ingredients for spicy cabbage. I can probably remember that there are salt, apple, onion, pear, leeks, white radish, fish sauce, glutinous rice flour, coarse pepper, and fine pepper noodles. In fact, remember that the ingredients are not very useful, the key is the ratio between them. This is definitely a private recipe for the big chef. The activities of learning Korean food have been very popular and well received by the trainees. I hope to continue to participate if there is a chance. In the future, repo will have pictures, which will be more intuitive~ Today I introduced the spicy cabbage fried rice I made with the spicy cabbage brought back from Daxi. The friends who go to participate in the learning activities, in addition to eating directly as a side dish, can also fried rice like this, because the spicy cabbage tastes authentic, so the fried rice is also very good. In addition, the water from the fermentation of spicy cabbage should not be lost. Fried rice is used.



  1. Spread the egg skin

  2. Spicy cabbage, onions, egg skins are chopped

  3. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, stir-fry the onion until the scent

  4. Put rice in a stir fry for a while

  5. Pour in spicy cabbage and spicy cabbage soup and continue to stir fry

  6. Transfer the sugar, the spicy cabbage soup has a salty taste, the salt must be placed less, not put

  7. Put it in the egg skin and stir it evenly.


Master Wang, who is a big big man, said that Korean food is sweet and spicy, so in the spicy cabbage fried rice, the salt can be put less or not. Koreans prefer to eat onions, so use onions instead of the green onions we usually eat.

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