Recipe: Spicy cabbage fried potato chips

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy cabbage fried potato chips


The home cooking is simple, the cooking is easy, the cooking is easy, the food is delicious, especially the office workers are so tight every day, they have to go home to work and have to cook, not a few good meals to eat. There will be some standing dishes in the refrigerator for the occasional needs. Like my family's refrigerator, there are potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and small peppers. These dishes are not afraid of being placed. If you don't go downstairs to buy food or come, you can cope with these dishes. Something. I like this spicy cabbage with fried potato chips. The spicy cabbage is marinated by myself. The potatoes are ready-made. I want to order the garlic slices. I will get a stir-fry, sour and spicy, good for the next meal. Soup rice is better.



  1. Peeled slices of potatoes, sliced ​​spicy cabbage, sliced ​​garlic

  2. Stir-fry the oil in a wok, stir the garlic slices, pour in the potato chips and stir fry until the potatoes become a little transparent. Continue to stir fry the spicy cabbage, add 50-100ML water, adjust the salt according to the saltiness of the spicy cabbage. Turn to the fire cover and take a small simmer, add the soup, add a little chicken essence to the pan


1. If you like to eat some potato chips, the cut potato chips should not be washed any more. On the contrary, you like crispy, cut potato chips should be washed with water to remove starch; 2. Spicy cabbage will be salty and spicy for a short period of time. It will be more hot and sour for a long time. It is better to put some marinated spicy cabbage soup when it is fried.

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