Recipe: Spicy boiled beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy boiled beef


Under the meat is the lettuce, how to eat is crunchy, taste good. Eating with vegetables is also a nutritional balance. Looks like a little comfort. Add some crab sticks and fish balls and add a little bit of flavor. Which one to eat and which to eat, huh, huh. It was sweating and I said it was so happy. After dinner, satisfied with sleepy eyes



  1. Pour a little oil into the pan, add the spicy hot pot bottom material after the oil is hot, add the onion ginger and garlic slices and dry the pepper and stir-fry the aroma.

  2. Fish balls and crab sticks are cut in half, put into the pot and stir fry, and cook the cooking wine.

  3. Pour into the clear water and boil, pour in soy sauce and season with salt.

  4. Put in the lettuce and sift it out and put it in the bottom of the bowl.

  5. Continue to open the pot and put the fat cows to keep the fire

  6. Keep the pot-shaped, see the fat cow after the color change, you can remove the bowl

  7. Cut the dried chili into small pieces and sprinkle with white sesame and pepper. Heat the wok and pour it on the dried chili.


friendly reminder: 1. What brand of hot pot bottom material will do, according to your own preferences. 2. Fish balls and crab sticks are first fried and then put into fat cows, because the beef is very thin and easy to cook. 3. Lettuce can also be placed in the spicy soup without dripping it. It can be placed directly on the bottom of the bowl. The water will add more flavor. 4. The fat cow can be removed by discoloration, and it does not have to be cooked for a long time, so as not to affect the taste of the fat cow.

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