Recipe: Spicy belly

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy belly


I have already practiced 2-3 dishes at a very fast speed. Today, this spicy belly is a quick-food dish. Quickly make a meal, then mix a cold dish, a perfect meal for lunch.



  1. Coriander leaves to leave the stem, clean, parsley stem cut into segments

  2. Cooked belly cut into strips, dried chili cut into silk

  3. Pour the oil in the pan, when the oil is 3-4% hot, pour the chili and stir fry

  4. When the smell of the pepper is floating, pour in the belly and stir fry, and season with salt.

  5. Season with a proper amount of soy sauce, pour the parsley stems, stir fry for a while, season with beef powder, and serve immediately.


1. Don't say that the coriander leaves are not a pity. The coriander leaves and cucumbers and enoki mushrooms that are removed can be mixed with a cold dish. 2, I bought a cooked belly, if you are born, you can add ginger, put the pressure cooker to cook; 3, the oil should not be too hot, or pour the pepper into the paste, and slowly scent the pepper; 4, if the parsley must be quickly stir-fry a few times out of the pot, time is not crisp, not good. For more information, please visit:

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