Recipe: Spicy beer duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy beer duck



  1. First, put the duck meat in a cold water and boil it. Remove the smell of the duck meat and remove it.

  2. Put the oil into the pot, put the large pieces (wings, duck legs, duck head, duck's paw) into the frying pan, then put the other duck parts into

  3. Add some rice wine during the cooking process to make the duck more fragrant. When you see that the duck is crunching, add a spoonful of bean paste, then fry and evenly color (no raw soy sauce is available)

  4. Sliced ​​ginger, sliced ​​pepper, peeled garlic cloves, prepared dried chili, sliced ​​Hunan food

  5. After the duck meat is served, add another ginger, dried chili, garlic clove, fragrant leaves, star anise

  6. After sauteing, add ingredients such as potatoes or konjac according to your preference.

  7. Pour the duck meat, and all the spices are fried and colored. After the fat of the duck is forced out, add 600 ml of beer and boil over low heat for two hours.

  8. The amount of water can be observed during the period and must not be boiled.

  9. When the duck meat is cooked and the water is quickly dried, put in a red pepper and fry for a while, sprinkle some parsley.

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