Recipe: Spicy beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy beef


Beef miscellaneous, generally refers to several kinds of beef viscera, beef belly, beef heart, beef liver, etc., these beef mixed together to make the breakfast rice noodles cover code ... incense ~ if they are cooked into a large dish? Ha ha



  1. The processed bovine miscellaneous pieces are cut into strips, the red pepper is cut into the hobs, and the green garlic is cut into sections.

  2. The tea oil is hot, the beef is stir-fried, the red pepper and the green garlic are stir-fried together, and the spicy sauce is added for a while.

  3. Finally, sprinkle the garlic leaves, soy sauce, oyster sauce, mountain pepper oil, stir well and mix well.


Beef is bought with processed semi-finished products. It has been cooked with salty taste and should not be taken for a long time.

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