Recipe: Spicy

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy



  1. After smashing the surface, put the water in the basin, pour some salt and oil, stir well, let it sit and let it spit. Sliced ​​shallot

  2. Rinse it, boil a pot of water, pour a little cooking wine, put it into the clams until the shell is opened, turn off the heat, remove it and drain the water for use.

  3. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil in the pot, put the pepper, stir fry until the scent comes out, remove the pepper, put a spoonful of Pixian bean watercress in the oil, stir fry the red oil, add the onion ginger garlic pepper, burst the fragrance, add蛤蜊, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, quick fry, stir fry evenly, pour a little salt out of the pan


1, the trick to go to the sand is salt and oil, stir well, go to the sand very quickly. 2, 蛤蜊 tender and tender 诀窍 诀窍 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯 焯After the seasoning and stir-fry, turn off the fire. Don't become a mess. 3, the salt should be careful, the sputum itself has a salty taste, plus soy sauce, soy sauce, my own mouth, so do not add salt. 4, almost all of the shellfish can do this, so the dumplings are so delicious. I remember that I wrote a spicy fried dumpling in the wedding commemoration. It seems to add a spoonful of soybean meal. If there is Yongchuan soybean meal, add the spoonful of soybean meal and stir fry, add more salt. Said. 5, people with old stomach cold, or stomach upset, do not eat this. Seafood is almost cold, people with cold body, stomach cold, and women's physiological period will endure, don't eat. 6, this dish is the color of the onion ginger garlic pepper to be more points, to rely on them. 7, 蛤蜊 is also known as "the world's first fresh", "the crown of the hundred flavors", It has high protein, high trace elements, high iron, high calcium and low fat. It contains a kind of Dalta 7-cholesterol and 24-methylene cholesterol which have the effect of lowering serum cholesterol. They both inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver and Accelerate the unique role of excretion of cholesterol, so that the body's cholesterol decline, especially for high cholesterol, high blood lipids, that is, the uncontrolled control of the future and my people. So eat more.

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