Recipe: Spiced marinade

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced marinade


When I go to the supermarket to shop at the weekend, when I pass through the sauce, I may encounter a couple. Maybe a couple, the man rushes to the place where the vinegar and garlic are pointing to the girlfriend, only to hear the woman say: "Ah, you like to eat. This, ah, I don't want to eat, you want to eat you to buy it." It happened that the plate's eyes swept the man, and he saw me looking at them, and he said that he was shy and replied. Actually, I Really not intentional, I just passed by and heard their conversation. I like to eat jellies. The plate just wants to say, I like jealous garlic, and I also like to eat fat. I even talked about this thing, just want to explain that some foods may eat bad breath, maybe it feels dirty, or it may cause some embarrassment. In fact, it doesn't matter. If you like eating, you like it. Look at it. LG's mouth is very picky. There are very few foods that he and I have a special preference at the same time. Only this fat intestine is our big love. It can really be described as "smelly taste." Don't, don't be afraid of stinky, like the friends of the fat sausage, the plate teaches you how to eat the fat intestines without any odor. Spiced marinated sausage - odor is gone First of all, the "8 incense" is not a special thing, just 8 kinds of spices. Buy back the fat intestines to the odor method: 1. Soak in the rice water and wash. 2, put in the water and add the right amount of vinegar soaked. 3, add a tablespoon of alum in the water, simmer several times, and then rinse it with water several times to clean it. 4, wash the pig intestine with sauerkraut, only twice, its odor can be basically eliminated. These steps, if you are not assured, you can use the materials at hand to wash a few times.



  1. Buy the fat intestines, rinse with water several times, put on plastic wrap 揉搓

  2. Then soak the fat in water with vinegar for half an hour, then rinse again

  3. Add the right amount of water to the pot and bring the fat intestine together.

  4. Ginger slices, 4, 5 pieces of garlic cloves with skin for 10 minutes

  5. Prepared spices: pepper, star anise, spiced, fragrant leaves, licorice, orange peel (self-made) cinnamon, dried chili 4, 5, and rosemary 10g. Rosemary is the focus

  6. The prepared seasonings are: half a spoon of salt, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 2 tablespoons soda, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of cooking wine, 2 bowls of water in the pot, and boiled together with 8 kinds of spices. Into the good fat sausage, medium and small fire until the soup is dried


If it is a fat intestine that can't be eaten at a time, when you eat it again, don't put it in the pot, but steam it and heat it. When cooking, put it on the rice cooker or steam it directly, so that the fat intestine is softer and stronger. Road

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