Recipe: Spiced edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Spiced edamame


The edamame seems to have been eaten for eight or nine months from April to May. This is the great love of the people of Wuhan, and every household eats it. After drinking, the teeth are good. Today, this spiced edamame is more complicated than our preferred method of salad. . . However, occasionally it takes a bit of effort to change the taste. . . Everything is done by everyone who cooks edamame. Everyone has their own way. However, some people cook it out of green and look good. Some people cook it, but it is black and yellow, and it is unpleasant.



  1. Soybean beans are soaked in water with a spoonful of salt for a while, then rinsed with both hands and rinsed, then cut off both ends.

  2. Open the pot with boiling water, add cinnamon, star anise, pepper, dried red pepper, cumin, fragrant leaves and boil for a few minutes.

  3. After smelling the fragrance of the spices, add a few drops of cooking oil to the pan, add the appropriate amount of salt, then pour in the edamame and boil and continue to boil with medium heat.

  4. Always cook the edamame to the level you like, turn off the heat, soak for a few hours to eat


The three main points used to keep the green beans of edamame when cooking edamame. . . First, after the water is opened, the edamame is placed. Second, drop a few drops of oil. Third, don't cover it.

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