Recipe: Soybean powder Madeleine

Home Cooking Recipe: Soybean powder Madeleine


Haha is completely consuming soy flour, wow, taste is good, very sweet, like soy flour, you can try



  1. Butter, warm water, melt, spare, low-grade soy flour, sieved, ready for use

  2. Eggs and white sugar are mixed well with a manual egg beater. Pour the low-grade soy flour powder into the sieve. Add the butter and mix well.

  3. After refrigerating for 1 hour, take out the temperature and use the ribbon to squeeze into the mold for oiling and dusting. 200 °C Medium layer 10~12 minutes. Adjust the time yourself.


The first time the recipe was so tight! Hahaha, if everyone feels that something is wrong, just shrink with me, please advise!

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