Recipe: Soy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Soy sauce


The most suitable for women's health and beauty snacks It’s almost like starting from the first bite of eating it, and I like it without any suspense. The benefits of soy beans are not much to say. The soybeans wrapped in tomato juice are always just right in softness and softness. They are soft and not bad, and have a chewy strength. They love to buy the stuffed soy sauce soy beans and eat it. I dare not eat it. I always feel that there are too many unknown additives. I don’t know which chemical elements I have swallowed. So I started to try my own way. I didn’t take any prescriptions. I completely imagined by my own taste memory, but the taste I made was also inseparable. Today, this sour and delicious tomato juice, soy beans, look very beautiful, in fact, it is not difficult to do it in a soup pot. It takes a long time to reach a good level. This time, a microwave oven was used, and a container with a good sealing performance was used. The heating time was shortened a lot, and the taste was not discounted. Sweet and sour tomato juice, whether it's a meal or a snack, is a good choice. It always makes people appetite and dare not say authenticity, but according to their own ideas, they will toss out what they like to eat. Have a small sense of accomplishment, you say no...



  1. Prepare: Soybean hair

  2. Tomato peeling

  3. Peeled tomatoes are cut into large pieces and placed in a cooking machine

  4. Power on, tomato into tomato sauce

  5. Soaked soy beans in Taji pot

  6. Add the ketchup

  7. Add the right amount of tomato sauce

  8. Add a little salt according to your taste

  9. Stir well

  10. Cover the lid, put in the microwave, heat for 20 minutes in high heat, until the soup is dry.


1. If you don't mind, tomatoes can be peeled and nutritious; 2. Soybeans must be soaked in advance, fully foamed, otherwise not easy to cook; 3. It is also possible to use only tomato sauce, but the tomato has a better taste; 4. Take out when heated for 10 minutes, stir once and continue heating to avoid drying.

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