Recipe: Southeast Asian style red rice curry fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Southeast Asian style red rice curry fried rice


When I was eating, I had a avocado red rice that was chewy and very fragrant. I liked red rice. It is also a very healthy source of carbohydrates. This time I used curry to make a taste of Southeast Asia. The curry is more fragrant and the rice is more chewy. Very good PS: The following is the food for two people, red rice is best soaked for half an hour in advance, and then put the same water as steamed white rice.



  1. Red rice is soaked in water for half an hour in advance and steamed in a rice cooker

  2. Pouring oil in the pot, sauteing curry (in fact, to melt), must be fried by the guy

  3. After all melted, put in red rice and stir-fry

  4. Then add the onion and stir fry a few times, then add the carrots to stir fry, and put the cucumbers last (the first is because raw food can be used, the second cucumber is easy to produce water, affecting the taste of rice), stir-fry and sizzle, open to eat

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