Recipe: Sour duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour duck


Just next door neighbor went to Guilin to bring back some sour bamboo shoots and sour peppers, sour bamboo shoots loved it, and my husband discussed how to eat, I said to be a fish, my husband wants to eat ducks, well, in order to praise her husband to accompany me to eat burdock Meet his wishes! !



  1. Wash the ducks first, and fly into the water. The hot water is used to go to the sputum. I always think that the ducks are more embarrassing.

  2. Put down the oil, put the pepper to heat, and after the pepper is tasted, remove the pepper and throw it away. (This is convenient if you don't like pepper, don't accidentally eat a pepper.) Put the duck and stir-fry. After the golden color of the micro-coke, the duck oil is fried, put the small pepper, garlic, cinnamon, star anise into the salt and stir fry a few times, continue to fry the wine

  3. The sour bamboo shoots and the pickled peppers are all put into the stir fry for a while, then put the pot under the water, the water just over the ducks, and the fire turns to a small fire and boring.

  4. Wait for a sip for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, you can try the duck meat rotten, basically this time the duck will smother, and then simmer the juice, pour, less than sugar, raw powder, you can also add some chicken Or fuel consumption, put some water in the water, simmer the juice about a bowl or so. At this time, turn the fire in the pot, pour the simmer into the pot and stir fry. At this time, the color of the duck will look good, turn off the fire, and put on the plate. It’s OK.


This dish can add a side dish, such as celery, garlic, which can be added when the pot is in the late stage. The sour bamboo shoots are best to have the whole taste authentic! !

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