Recipe: Sour cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour cream


I often see suggested newbies starting with Muffin, but in fact Muffin is a delicious snack that is not easy to make. Some of them are just fine when they are out of the oven. They often kill people or become powder after cooling. After doing a few recipes, I found that the recipe for adding sour cream is the best to ensure that the finished product is soft and moist. Even if it tastes the same as the next day, it is the same as the usual Muffin, so it is worth recommending. And this formula is omnipotent, based on which you can add a variety of ingredients. If the dry ingredients are the same, the flour will increase by about 25 grams when added with fruit.



  1. After the butter is cut into small pieces, add sugar and scrape the knife and mix well. Stir at high speed for three minutes with a power agitator until white fluffy.

  2. After the egg liquid is dispersed at room temperature, the butter paste is added three times, and after each addition, the mixture is mixed at a high speed.

  3. Add the sour cream, add the sifted flour, soak the powder of baking soda, and then use a spatula to pour the bottom and mix well.

  4. Add raisins (or other ingredients) and mix them into the paper cup when you can see a little flour.

  5. Preheat to the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes until the toothpick is inserted without batter.

  6. Rum raisins: 20 large grapes are cleaned and put into a small bowl and covered with plastic wrap. Microwave for about 20 seconds. Remove the rum from the appropriate amount of sugar and immersed in the raisins, and cover with plastic wrap for at least one hour.


1. If you use vegetable oil, the first two steps become egg and sugar and mix well. Then add vegetable oil and mix well. 2. The vegetable oil version of the batter is more dilute and can be baked at 190 degrees for 22 minutes. 3. Sour cream can be homemade, two methods. The yogurt machine can be used in the same proportion of sour cream + powder as yogurt. Easier, you can add 15ml of lemon juice per 100ml of fresh cream, and it will be solidified by stirring. It can be used as sour cream.

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