Recipe: Sour bean fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour bean fried meat


This is the case with acid. If it is moderate and delicious, it is very appetizing and can't stop. Sautéed pork with sour beans is a handy, easy-to-do appetizer for a good meal.



  1. The vegetable market buys sour beans, the amount of a family of three, I think a dollar is enough, but the ugly face of the aunt is not for sale, I always buy two dollars, although it is not used;

  2. The sour bean water is soaked for more than one hour;

  3. Slice the meat and marinate it with a small amount of soy sauce for about 10 minutes;

  4. Cut the sour beans, cut the onion, cut the garlic;

  5. The oil is burnt with 60% heat, and the meat is sliced ​​into pieces.

  6. After adding a small amount of oil to heat, add the scallion and garlic casserole, stir fry the sour beans, add the appropriate amount of sugar and stir fry;

  7. Pour the pieces of meat, add the remaining green portion of the onion, stir fry and add a pinch of salt to the pan.


The addition of sugar to this dish can not be too much, mainly to reconcile the sour beans directly without the disguise of sourness, and the salt is not much, because the meat has added soy sauce, sour beans themselves do not need any salt. The amount of these two things is right, this dish is very, very delicious. As for how to put it right, explore it, okay? Hahahaha, the most stupid way is to put a little less, try it and add it.

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