Recipe: Sour bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Sour bamboo shoots


This is definitely a great summer appetizer, summer food, a bowl of thin porridge in the hot summer and this dish is a perfect match! As long as you don't hate the acidity, it's simple and simple and worthy of taste. "Under the kitchen" did not see this recipe, so although I did not have the conditions to cook, I did not really cook, but also introduced it to everyone. Because there is no picture, Baidu has a sour taro fried hollow stalk, hope that it has not invaded the original author.



  1. Cut the sour bamboo shoots into small flat strips, long and short, and shape them at random (first cut into pieces, fold up and cut into thin strips, not very thin), cut the hollow vegetable stems into small pieces of about two centimeters, and cut the peppers casually. Small dots will do.

  2. Use half a bowl of water in the larger, deeper bowl, then put the chopped sour bamboo shoots into the bowl. Squeezing the sour bamboo shoots in the bowl with the intention is to squeeze out the sour taste (some sour bamboo shoots have been sour for a long time). After a few catches, change the water and repeat it again, then squeeze the water from the sour bamboo shoots.

  3. Open the pot and put a proper amount of cooking oil. After the pot of red oil is hot, add the sour bamboo shoots. Add the pepper and the appropriate amount of salt when frying the water for a few minutes. The amount of salt should only be put in the amount of the acid sour, because the salt should be put once after the hollow stalk is placed, and then the sour bamboo shoots are dried.

  4. The sour bamboo shoots are almost fried, and the hollow stalks are mixed with the appropriate amount of salt. If you don't have to fry for a long time, the hollow stalks will be slightly softer.

  5. Wait until the speculation is almost the same, put a small amount of water (water can not be more, faintly see it), cover the lid and continue to add fire. Wait for the water to dry quickly and open the lid and stir fry a few times. At this point, the dish is finished, and it is best to use porridge.


It’s better to eat cold, and you can try it when summer arrives. There are two kinds of water spinach, one is planted in paddy fields (light color, blue-green, large diameter of stalks), and the other is planted on dry land (color dark blue, small stem), two flavors may be slightly Different, you can try.

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