Recipe: Soup with spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Soup with spinach


What is meant by "Qiu Bo" and "Qiu Bo" is the autumn spinach. This interpretation comes from one of the classics of Song Dandan's famous essay "Yesterday Tomorrow".



  1. Wash the spinach and cut it into boiling water (with salt). Boil for two minutes until the green is soft. Pay attention to the root and then put the leaves.

  2. Preserved egg foreskin

  3. Add another pot of corn oil, add the onion, ginger, garlic and then add the preserved egg to the small stir-fry

  4. Add bone soup or broth, if you don't add hot water to both, cook until the soup is white, add salt and a little chicken.

  5. Pour the taste of the soup on top of the spinach.

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