Recipe: Soup with ginseng and ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Soup with ginseng and ribs



  1. Wash the ribs, fly over the water with the wine and ginger, rinse it, and put it in the stew.

  2. The abalone is shelled and brushed, remove the useless things, slice, and wash the sea cucumber slices (slightly thicker), fly over with the added wine, ginger water, rinse, and put into the stew.

  3. Add the water to the stew once (slightly lighter than the inner lid, put the onion, ginger, a small amount and cover the inside and outside of the wine, put it into the steamer, and simmer the small fire for 3.5-4 hours after the fire is boiled. Add salt to adjust the taste.


Features: warm stomach, lungs, kidney, light and sweet.

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