Recipe: Soft Heidi White Bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Soft Heidi White Bread


When I saw this little bread of the happy housewife snow, I thought: I am so cute! White and fat ones, don't stop me, pinch! It is said that this white bread appeared in the famous Japanese cartoon - "Alpine Girl Heidi" in the 25th episode, many people read this cartoon and want to try the inside of the soft white bread what is the taste, so white bread It is popular in Japan until now. This white bread tastes very soft, soft to the extent that even the grandmother can eat, the shape is very like a full PP, very cute. Because there is no oil, no sugar, no eggs, so the taste is definitely meager compared to the heavy bread of heavy oil, but it is also because it is more suitable for the elderly. I personally still like this taste very much, especially When I first came out, the skin was a little bit crispy, and I took a bite on a small PP, just like taking a bite of cotton.



  1. Mix all the materials and pull them to the full stage to pull out the thin film that is not easy to break.

  2. Basic fermentation to 2 times larger

  3. Divided into 8 equal parts, rounded and relaxed for 10 minutes

  4. Sprinkle the flour on the dough, use chopsticks to force a dent from the middle of the dough, do not break the dough

  5. Discharged on the baking sheet

  6. Secondary fermentation to 2 times larger

  7. The surface is sieved with high powder, the oven is preheated by 180 degrees, and the middle and lower layers are baked for about 8-10 minutes. The whole process is observed. Try not to bake out the color, and release it in a cool bag.


Since it is white bread, it is white and tender and cute, so try not to let the bread color.

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