Recipe: Soft fried loin

Home Cooking Recipe: Soft fried loin


Beijing cuisine,



  1. First of all, the pork tenderloin is cleaned, remove the fascia, cut 1 cm of the back piece, then change the knife into a 3 cm long strip, add a little water to catch the draught, and then add the salted essence wine to pickle the taste.

  2. Take a small bowl, add 100 grams of starch 40 grams of flour and add an egg, whipped evenly (pick up straight lines with chopsticks) for use.

  3. Take the oil in the pot, burn it to 30% heat (no reaction on the oil surface, put a small bubble around the raw material), hang the paste of the loin, fry the golden, remove it, until the oil temperature rises to 70% heat (black smoke, There is a large bubble in the oil surface. Pour into the resuscitation and remove the plate. Serve with salt and pepper on the table.


Pay attention to the thickness of the paste, pay attention to the oil temperature

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