Recipe: Snowy silver carp

Home Cooking Recipe: Snowy silver carp



  1. Pour the right amount of oil into the pan and medium heat. Put the ginger slices and use a shovel to wipe the ginger slices in the pan (this way you can stick them, and the silver squid is easy to stick)

  2. The silver carp is thawed and drained, placed in a pan and fried. (Do not flip frequently, move less! Because the silver carp is very tender, it is easy to break) First, patiently fry and then turn over

  3. Turn over and continue to fry. (Some sticky bottoms, then use ginger to wipe the bottom of the pot) fried silver carp first plate

  4. Pour the snow into the pot and stir fry, put the silver carp on the snow dish, add: onion, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, salt, cover it for a while

  5. The silver squid is less flipped, and the sauce is poured on the silver carp with a spoon to let it taste.

  6. Silver squid can be put into the dish after it is cooked.

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