Recipe: Snowball burning yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Snowball burning yellow croaker


This yellow croaker is very expensive to sell in our local area. It is nearly 20 pounds. Today, stewed with sautéed squid and squid, Lao Xiao comrades screamed deliciously, saying that the fish is particularly firm, and it is stewed with snow and has a flavor. He listens to him. I didn't eat a few mouthfuls, there is one in the house, and I will give it to my old man one day. Just say my old man, a small soldier outside, work is very hard, if I don't feel bad, no one will feel bad about him, look at me more wise, haha.



  1. Slash the scales, remove the sputum and internal organs, wash and control the moisture

  2. The snow is soaked in water to remove a certain salty taste.

  3. On the front and back of the yellow croaker, apply the willow knife and spread the fish with a small amount of salt.

  4. Add some fat to the pan, fry the oil, put the ginger slices, and then fry the yellow fish.

  5. The fish is fried on both sides of the golden. The benefits of fattening meat on the one hand, lard stewed fish, on the other hand, there is fat in the pot, when the fish is fried, the fish is not easy to stick

  6. Pour the wine into the wine, add the water, boil it with the fire, then simmer until the broth is white, sprinkle with diced green onion and salt, then it will be served. For the sake of beauty, I added some green peas.

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