Recipe: Snickers Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Snickers Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


Because the relatives sent a lot of snickers at the festival, and they felt too sweet when they ate, they used to make ice cream.



  1. Egg yolk with sugar, break it, pour in milk and mix well

  2. Cook the egg yolk milk paste on a low heat until it is sticky (to keep stirring until the egg yolk is egg-shaped)

  3. The milk paste is cooled and added to the melted snickers and dark chocolate (added in three portions, and each time you add it, mix it with the milk paste)

  4. Lightly whipped cream to the scented flower and the front of the yolk paste, mix well and put in the refrigerator to freeze

  5. Take out the stirring every hour and repeat it three times. After almost 4 or 5 hours, the ice cream will be frozen and formed.

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