Recipe: Smashed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Smashed dumplings


In the big winter, eat a bowl of ginger and glutinous rice dumplings, hot, warm, sweet.



  1. Put the glutinous rice in the stockpot, add the ginger, boil for 3 minutes, and serve in the bowl.

  2. Add boiling water to the pot, add the rice balls, cook until the rice balls are soft and cooked, and pour the dumplings into the cooked glutinous rice. If the glutinous rice is too thick and too sweet, it can be added to the water of the broth.


Although it is very simple to cook the glutinous rice dumplings, it is not easy to cook. The water adds more flavor, less and too sweet. How can I cook sweet but not greasy, just right? One of the secrets is to join the ginger. Ginger has obvious appetizing and greasy effects. Don't add the dumplings to cook when you cook the glutinous rice, because the water is less cooked and uncooked. If you add more water, the taste will be lighter.

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