Recipe: Small rapeseed gluten

Home Cooking Recipe: Small rapeseed gluten


Fresh and delicious small rapeseed gluten



  1. The oil gluten balls are soaked in hot water for a while until soft collapse; the mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are washed and sliced; the small rapeseed is boiled with boiling water.

  2. Heat the wok into the oil, first add the mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, stir fry, transfer to soy sauce, transfer to the casserole, add boiling water, not all the ingredients, put in the oil gluten, cover the lid and simmer 15 minutes

  3. Finally add the hot small rapeseed, add salt and sesame oil to start the pot


I used fresh mushrooms this time. If you use dried mushrooms, keep the water of the shiitake mushrooms and add them to the soup. The taste will be better.

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