Recipe: Sizzling sizzling potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Sizzling sizzling potatoes


Two years ago, I learned a dish when I was doing a block in a Hunan restaurant. Occasionally, I would like to have more weight to let the chefs stir more, but each time I will be divided into pieces! Blue skinny, mushrooms......... Now this is a hot dish in my store. Every time I close the table, I only have peppers _(:з"∠)_Do you want to be so good! ! !



  1. 1. First cut the potatoes into two thick slices of soaked water, remove the drain before cooking, use 2, cut the pork into small pieces for use, cut the garlic into pieces, cut the garlic into sections, and chop the parsley.

  2. 1. Heat the oil in the hot pot. When the oil temperature is 70% hot, the potato chips are put into the oil pan and fried. When the potatoes are slightly out of the shell, remove the oil from the shell. 2. Leave a little bottom oil at the bottom of the pot and pour the pork belly. Stir-fry until the meat slices are cooked, add the garlic slices, dried pepper festival, consume oil and saute, pour the fried potato chips, cook into the raw stir-fry, sprinkle a little sugar, chicken, and stir-fry the garlic and parsley. Finally, sprinkle with cumin powder and stir fry evenly into a hot iron plate!


The potatoes are cut into large pieces, which should be slightly thicker. After the fried, the potatoes will not get a whole dish. The time is long. It is easy to add water during the process of frying. The water is all from the soy sauce board just for the sake of selling. When the table is sizzling, it is easy to attract the attention of the guests! The mouth of the potatoes is fragrant, and the cumin and coriander bring a strong barbecue flavor! Xiaobian, I can get rid of a whole set of cockroaches at a time (๑>؂<๑) because cooking is usually very busy during peak hours, no time to take photos, forgive me

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