Recipe: Simple oil-free version of beer chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Simple oil-free version of beer chicken wings


When I was a child, I liked it most. I used to think that it was difficult to do it, but the method taught by my mother is really simple~ and it is especially delicious!



  1. First fly the chicken wings (copy it with hot water), go to 腥~

  2. Another pot of fire, pour the beer, add chicken wings, add the amount of soy sauce (color, the color of the pot is good) plus two tablespoons of white sugar

  3. Open the fire until it boils and simmer for 15 minutes.

  4. Open the fire and collect the juice. When you receive half of the juice, put a little salt and then juice. When the juice is thick, turn off the heat.


Hey, there is no upload process picture, don't mind! When you put on the old pumping, if you put more salt, you can put a little less. If you like sweet mouth, you can put more sugar. ^ _ ^

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