Recipe: Simple eating method of silk flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Simple eating method of silk flower


As a culinary elite who loves to eat, will eat, and will do it! (So ​​boasting that I am so embarrassed) I have eaten all over the country, Lu Yuechuan Xiang, but the most memorable thing in the spring is the most simple and simple taste of this bouquet - steamed flowers. A little wheat flour, a few drops of oil, which was eaten in the past when there was no meal. In my opinion, it is sweeter than rice steamed buns! Screaming and snoring two bowls of belly, the fragrance is slightly sweet, full of satisfaction!



  1. Fresh scented flowers are washed several times with water and gone to the dust.

  2. After draining the water, pour some cooking oil and mix well.

  3. 舀 A bowl of flour, sprinkle the left hand, and mix the chopsticks with your right hand to keep the flowers from sticking.

  4. After steaming the steamer, pad the drawer cloth and put it into the silk flower. Steam for 7-10 minutes.

  5. During the steaming process, use the new garlic cloves to mix the vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, and make the juice.

  6. Put out the pot, put on a bowl, pour a few spoonfuls of juice, mix well, snoring. Better than rice!


1. The same practice can also steam carrot, celery leaves, wormwood, cabbage. 2. There is no fixed practice in the juice, do not eat garlic, do not eat sour, like spicy food, how to like how to come. 3. Fresh scented flowers can not be eaten once, dried and frozen, washed and stuffed when eating, and made into a simmered meat package is also a good taste.

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