Recipe: Silver fish steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Silver fish steamed egg



  1. Eggs hit the bowl, silverfish marinated with salt and pepper

  2. Stir the eggs, add salt, chopped green onion, oil, and some silver fish, add a bowl of warm water, continue to stir with chopsticks

  3. When steaming to the edge of the egg liquid, place the small silver fish on it and continue to steam for three minutes. The standard for ripening eggs is completely solidified. When the lid is opened, the middle is raised. If there is unsolidified egg liquid in the middle, it needs to continue to steam.


1. Silverfish is a high-protein, low-fat food, which is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia. 2. A good amount of sesame oil and soy sauce can be poured on the surface of the egg yolk. This depends on the taste of the individual. 3. The person who made the egg tart at the beginning has a poor grasp of the proportion of water. I think it is enough to add the same amount of water to the egg.

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