Recipe: Silver fish pork dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Silver fish pork dumplings


My mother told me on the phone last time that she had made a silver fish trap, which was very rare. I was killed, although a northern hemisphere, a southern hemisphere, but the smart wx people imported silver fish into Australia. Of course not so fresh, they are all frozen, but they are already very satisfying. Decisively also went to buy a pack of silver fish back to make dumplings to eat.



  1. Ginger chopped, mixed with silver fish and minced pork

  2. Add salt, sugar, chicken powder, cooking wine and mix well

  3. Add eggs to make the meat tenderer. (Most of them are egg whites, and the whole egg will not be affected. Otherwise, leave the egg yolk so lonely....)

  4. Flour and water mix, knead the dough, wake up hours

  5. Suede, trapped, wrapped in dumplings

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