Recipe: Silver earworm grass old duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Silver earworm grass old duck soup


I have been busy with work recently~ I fell in love with a net at night. It’s very hard~ I have these ingredients in my family~ I want to make a big soup to help myself~ Haha



  1. Wash half a piece of duck, cut into pieces, remove the impurities after the water treatment, remove the impurities ~ onion ginger cut section ~ Cordyceps clean ~ Tremella bubble hair ~

  2. Put an appropriate amount of water in the electric cooker, put in the duck chunks, add the bulk material, the onion ginger section, put in a little cooking wine ~ put the white fungus in advance and simmer it in the fire ~ put it into the angelica ~ small fire for 30 minutes ~ Put in the Cordyceps and continue to simmer for a small fire~ About 50 minutes, put in the red dates that are soaked in advance~ Small fire for more than an hour!


In fact, I secretly put a few peppers ~ go to 腥 ~ do not like the kitchen friends can not put ~ I like it ~ really big soup ~ estimated tomorrow work spirit a hundred times oh ~ haha

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