Recipe: Silk cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Silk cream



  1. #彩绘蛋糕##淡奶油奶油霜# Production method and formula ratio formula ratio Butter: 100g whipped cream: 100g powdered sugar: 10% to 12% of the total weight of butter and whipped cream. 1. The butter is fully softened and must be softened to a certain extent. Soft state, it will be very white when done; 2. Put the fully softened butter and powdered sugar into the chef's machine, mix well at low and medium speeds, and the butter is white; 3. The light will be taken out from the refrigerator. Put the cream in the microwave for one minute; (do not overheat, it will cause the butter to melt) 4. Add the heated whipped cream to the butter that is sent in the middle and low speed. The speed is not too good, otherwise the cream Will be hard, not suitable for #浮雕彩画蛋糕##立体彩画蛋糕# Many friends who love #烘焙# ask if there is only #淡奶油奶油霜# to make a painted cake, no, the reason is to use whipped cream Cream, because it is more convenient, you don't have to cook the sugar water like the cream of #韩裱花#, and fight the protein, and the total amount is relatively small, better control, use #裱花蛋糕# cream cream can be the same, only It is necessary to pay attention to let the butter be fully softened and then made. There is also a small partner who uses the bean paste used in the #豆沙裱花# to paint, which is not very recommended on the cloud, because the texture of the bean paste is somewhat rough relative to the cream, and the animals and even the characters are not Delicate feeling, so it is recommended that you use a light cream cream that is convenient, quick and effective [smile]

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