Recipe: Sichuan cuisine 18 "salty white"

Home Cooking Recipe: Sichuan cuisine 18


Salty white is a famous Han nationality in Sichuan. It is one of the most distinctive dishes in Sichuan cuisine. It is famous for its tender and tender taste, sweet and savory taste, and its taste is mellow. With the same burning, it adds a special flavor. With pork belly as the main ingredient, the salty and white cooking skills are steamed, and the taste is salty and sweet. The main ingredient in the dish, Shufu Sprout, is a specialty of Sichuan Yibin (formerly known as the Xufu). Chinese name salty white main ingredients with skin pig pork, sprouts classification Sichuan taste taste salty sweet



  1. Boil the meat with pork belly, add ginger slices in the cold water pot, scallions, cook until eight mature.

  2. In the sugar-colored cool pot, add rock sugar to the cold oil, stir fry until brown, add water to the rich, and fill into the bowl.

  3. Color the pork belly and remove it hot, evenly smeared the sugar on the skin, and soy sauce. The pork skin was fried in 200 degrees oil and foamed brownish red.

  4. After slicing the pork, it is cut into 8 cm, 4 cm wide and 3 mm thick.

  5. Flavored sugar, water, salt, cooking wine, pepper, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and seasoning juice.

  6. Put the bowl of meat into the sauce and color it again and put it in the bowl. Place the onion section, ginger slice, red pepper section and cardamom. Finally, wash the chopped sprouts. And pour the remaining juice on it.

  7. Steamed and placed in a boiling water cage for 20 minutes

  8. The plate is folded over the bowl with a slightly larger plate, and the bowl can be removed.


An important raw material for salty white in Sichuan is sprouts, and it must be “Yibin Sprout” produced in Yibin, Sichuan. The meat should be fresh pork, first washed, scraped, cut into a square, and boiled to eight. Mature, after fishing out, put the side of the skin with honey, fry in the oil pan, and fry until deep golden yellow, remove and let cool, cut into pieces. Take a large bowl, put two spoonfuls of red soy sauce in the bowl, then put some sugar and salt, put the pieces of meat in a large bowl, and be sure to put the skin down. After placing the pieces of meat, you should also cut a few slices of ginger on the meat, and then chop the Yibin sprouts on the meat. Then you can steam in the steamer, usually steamed for 40 minutes. After taking it out of the pot, just use a plate to buckle on the bowl, then turn it over and bake it off. If everyone loves to eat spicy food, this salty white wine will be put on the bean paste and pepper. The salty white that is overturned first looks at people's appetite: the skin is red sauce, and it is three words in the mouth: soft, rotten, fresh, fat but not greasy. Because the oil is in the sprouts, the sprouts are also very fragrant. This salty white burned at the dinner table of our house, not only the meat was left, but the sprouts did not have to be left, because the sprouts made people eat their appetite.

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