Recipe: Shrimp rice pig pork powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp rice pig pork powder


This is a hand-made Cantonese-style delicious breakfast. It is made from rice syrup and made into pork sausage powder. Then it is made with the unique cooking method of Cantonese cuisine, which is suitable for winter warming. Delicious breakfast.



  1. Mix all the powders with water to make the intestinal powder slurry, let stand for one night, and mix the water with the powder and sprinkle it into the shrimp.

  2. Heat the pan, brush the oil on the pan, pour a spoonful of the paste, please note that the amount of the slurry is just thin and flat.

  3. After the slurry is poured, shake the pan quickly, let the slurry evenly spread on the pan, cover it for about 20 seconds, until the slurry is formed into a translucent powder, prepare a large and flat dish. The powder skin quickly fell on the plate, pay attention to the movements fast, try not to pour the powder into a ball, a powder skin is ready

  4. Along the side of the powder, roll it up by hand, pay attention to the pressure when the roll is pressed, do not leave too much space in the middle, a pig intestine powder is so rolled up

  5. Then repeat the above steps until the rice slurry is used up.

  6. The rolled pork sausage powder is cut into pieces for use.

  7. Garlic peeled and flattened, onion shredded, onion cut, ginger peeled slice

  8. Cut the color pepper, stir it from the oil pan, add the appropriate amount of salt to taste, and set aside

  9. From the oil pan, fragrant dried red pepper, ginger, onion, garlic and onion, add the two sauces in the seasoning to saute, pour the pork intestines into pieces, continue to add soy sauce and sugar, stir fry, add the color pepper, turn off Fire, pour into the casserole, put in the microwave and heat for 3 minutes.

  10. Take out the casserole and hear the “啫啫” (“滋滋”) in the casserole. Dip a round of cooking wine along the lid. Wait a moment, uncover the lid and add the sesame oil.


1. The ratio of sticky rice flour to tapioca flour is 4 to 3; the ratio of powder to water is about 1 to 1.4. For example: put a bowl of less water in a bowl of powder. The role of tapioca powder here is to prevent the cracking of the powder skin, must be put, no raw powder can be used instead; the container can be any utensil, as long as the ratio is correct, no problem. The powder must be soaked in water for a few hours to allow the rice or powder to mix well with the water, so that the powder can be crystal clear. 2. If you are afraid of hand-rolled sausage powder, you can prepare two large and flat dishes. After the first powder is ready, do not roll. Wait for the second powder to do the third powder, waiting for the third. When the powder is formed, the first powder is hand-rolled, and so on. When waiting for the fourth skin to be formed, the second powder is hand-rolled. In other words, when each powder is made very hot, we don't roll it right away. After the next one comes out, the powder before the hand is rolled, so that it can prevent hot hands. 3. Because the lazy home has no open fire, only the induction cooker, so use the wok to scent and then transfer to the casserole. Please have a gas stove to directly use the casserole to scent and season, in a casserole in one go, taste better. Since the firepower is large enough, please reduce the time appropriately, for example, by changing the microwave oven for 3 minutes to 1 minute and a half. 4. Please use a high temperature resistant casserole for lazy people using microwave ovens to prevent accidents. 5. Regardless of whether it is an open flame or a microwave oven, the casserole can not be opened and watered during the whole cooking process. The steam from the juice of the food itself is used to “smash” the cooked material. 6. Remove the shrimp from the rice syrup and make it into the pork sausage powder. After dicing, you can directly dipped other sauces, such as sesame paste + sweet sauce, to become a Cantonese street food-mixed pork sausage powder; Can be used to cook, fry, fry, not necessarily used to do it.

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