Recipe: Shrimp pill

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp pill



  1. Pork belly mashed into meat, onion cut flowers

  2. Frozen shrimps are thawed at room temperature, pick the shrimp line, rinse 3-4 times, knead into velvet

  3. Meat + shrimp + starch, add appropriate amount of vegetable oil, salt, June fresh soy sauce, chopped green onion, whipped in a clockwise direction

  4. Another bowl, a small bowl of starch, holding the shrimp meat in the left hand, gently squeeze out a small ball from the tiger's mouth, put a few rolls in the starch bowl, evenly stained with starch

  5. When the oil pan is 70% hot, gently put the shrimp balls that have been covered with starch, fry them to golden brown in medium and small heat, and pick up the drained oil.

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