Recipe: Shrimp, double bean, egg yo

Home Cooking Recipe: Shrimp, double bean, egg yo


This season, no appetite is the biggest worry. Especially in the morning, I tired of the roadside soy milk fritters, pancakes, dumplings. Whether there is nutrition or not, the key is not to be hygienic, the bowl, the spoon, who knows how many different people used a day. Eating these unhygienic junk foods for a long time is undoubtedly a major injury to the body. Lazy people have their own lazy tricks, and it is very simple to make breakfast at home.



  1. Soybeans and black beans soaked the night before. Prepare eggs, shrimp

  2. Soy beans and black beans are rinsed with water and placed in a bowl

  3. Put the eggs in

  4. Wash the shrimp into the bowl, then put a little salt and mix well.

  5. Add a proper amount of water and mix well (adding water can make the eggs more tender)

  6. Put the bowl on the pot of porridge, you can cook the porridge below, steamed egg simmer on it (two birds in one fell swoop, the province buys the staple food)

  7. Put a plate on the bowl to prevent the water droplets on the lid from falling onto the egg basket

  8. Steam for 20 minutes, then the porridge is also good.


1. This egg 羹 is suitable for breakfast staple food, shrimp, soybeans, black beans are rich in protein, but do not eat more, beans are not easy to digest. 2. Soy beans and black beans should be soaked the night before, otherwise the beans will be difficult to steam when steamed eggs, and eating raw beans is easy to diarrhea. 3. Because the shrimp is salty, you can not eat salt if you eat lightly. If you want to taste some beans, you should put a little salt. 4. Adding water to the egg mash can make the steamed egg become more tender and fresh, and it is easy to harden without adding water. 5. When steaming eggs, be sure to cover a dish on the bowl to prevent water from falling into the bowl. 6. The time of steaming egg yolk is similar to that of porridge, so it can be done at the same time, saving time.

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