Recipe: Shimamoto Kaoru [Low-fat milk ice cream without whipping cream] Basic model - manual / ice cream machine

Home Cooking Recipe: Shimamoto Kaoru [Low-fat milk ice cream without whipping cream] Basic model - manual / ice cream machine


Fang Zi is from Shimmoto Kaoru, "Easy to make delicious ice cream at home." What appeals to me most is that this ice cream does not require whipping cream, just egg milk and a small amount of sugar. The taste is full of milk, but there will be a little bit of ice residue between the smoothie and the creamy ice cream, but the fat content is reduced by half. It doesn't feel too sinful to eat a little every day. Husband's evaluation is: do not have to buy eight hi! ╭(●`∀ ́●)╯╰(●'◡'●)╮ Update: I bought an ice cream machine and the slag feeling is almost gone! =v=***** Please be sure to check out! ****** The success of this recipe is the most important: whether the egg yolk can be fully emulsified (to near milky white, thick), please use the electric eggbeater to stir, manual can also, the time spent will be compared long. If you want to exercise your arms, you can try ^_^ If the egg yolk is not fully emulsified, then after adding the milk, the custard paste can't be mushy. Many small partners often encounter this problem when they make it, because the yolk emulsification is not enough! ! ! So please be sure to do this step! !



  1. Pour the milk and vanilla/vanilla essence into the pan and heat it on a small fire. Turn off the small bubbles on the edge of the pan, turn off the heat, cool down, and cool down.

  2. Pour the egg yolk and fine granulated sugar into another pot, hot water at 82 degrees, and beat it to milky white with an electric egg beater.

  3. Pour a little vanilla milk into the egg yolk and mix well. Pour all the egg yolks into the vanilla milk and mix well.

  4. The egg milk is heated in the middle of the fire and stirred with a wooden spoon. When the mixture disappears after the foam disappears, the stirring is stopped, and the fire is turned off when the bottom of the pot starts to take small bubbles. (This step must be done to fully emulsify the egg yolk!!!) When you turn off the fire, you have to grasp it yourself. If it is slightly over a little, there is a little bit of egg paste at the bottom of the pot that does not affect the finished product. Don't cook all the egg-flower soup!

  5. The paste-like egg milk was filtered through a sieve into a small pot, and the small pot was immersed in ice water.

  6. [Manual method]: Use electric egg beater for 2 minutes at high speed, low speed for 5 minutes (original electric 2 minutes, manual 10 minutes). The purpose of this step is to let the air fully enter the ice cream liquid and produce rich bubbles. [Ice Cream Machine Method]: After the egg milk paste is cooled, add the ice cream machine and start making.

  7. [Manual method]: Transfer to the freezer. If there is time during the freezing period, you can take it out for half an hour and stir it for 3 times, or you can not take it out. The taste of the agitation will be softer and more delicate than the one that is not stirred, but it is not bad without stirring. [Ice Cream Machine Method] The prepared ice cream liquid is frozen in a freezer for about 1 hour, and the flavor is better. (The container is preferably made of metal such as stainless steel)


Be sure to use whole milk. Because there is no whipping cream, it is necessary to use whole milk to create a creamy feeling. If you use skimmed milk, it should be smoothie (I have not tried ==)

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