Recipe: Sharp pepper, intestines, not oily and not greasy

Home Cooking Recipe: Sharp pepper, intestines, not oily and not greasy


Husband loves to eat fat, but this dish never dared to think of doing it at home, inadvertently seeing the warmth of Beijing TV, the summer teacher is teaching this, decisive playback, record the practice, save first, do it yourself Send a picture, look at the super sly kind! (The picture is stolen, oh, there is no time to do it yourself, wait until it is reissued, including the inclusion!)



  1. Buying the fat intestines to taste is the key to this dish. The mucus on the surface of the sausage is the source of astringency! The summer chef's trick is to repeatedly use the salt and alkali to repeatedly fatten the intestinal epidermis and remove the mucus from the epidermis as much as possible.

  2. Turn the fat intestines and tear off the oil inside. This is also one of the sources of fat and intestines. After tearing off, turn over and rinse with water!

  3. Do not put oil in the pot, do not put water, grab a pepper and throw it into the pot to dry and bake, stir fry the scent, add water, and put it into the cleaned sausage.

  4. After the water is opened, there will be a lot of floating foam, clean and put into the onion section ginger, add cooking wine, season with old soy sauce, medium and small fire for 40 minutes, the middle can not cover the lid, convenient to let the smell discharge, cook until the soft intestines糯Q bombs.

  5. Cut the hob block out of the pan and set aside.

  6. Tap the pepper, cut the knife block, and pick the tips of the pepper pick! After the garlic is shot, cut the end.

  7. Put the bottom oil in the pot, add the onion ginger, pour the hot oil into the fat intestines and continue to stir the oil, stir fry until the surface of the fat is hardened, add the minced garlic, add the pepper and red pepper side dish, Cooking wine, a little soy sauce, if the color is heavy enough, you can not put salt, add a little sugar to fresh, a little pepper, pour a small amount of hot water to let the taste blend, water starch juice, a few drops of sesame oil before the pot.


Spicy or not spicy pick tips: 1, spicy pepper, pepper peels have a lot of folds, peppers are bent. 2, not spicy pepper, pepper pepper skin is smooth, pepper is straight.

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